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A Grateful Heart...

January 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
A New Year's resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior. Think about that for a minute....every year, we need to rid ourselves of undesired traits or behavior?? Yikes.....
I hate to think of the things I did (or apparently do!) that need fixing every year.
Of course, very few of us really see themselves doing whatever these things are...not being kind or considering others' feelings, being jealous or selfish, not taking care of our bodies, spending money foolishly....but come New Year's Day, we must come to the fact we've done 'something' and must try to improve upon those faults.
It's hard to keep those resolutions, isn't it? It is for me at least. We all start 'gung-ho' and the next thing we know, it's February (if you've made it that long) and we start slipping. Have you noticed how insanely crowded the gyms are in January? Some days, I cannot find an open treadmill. No worries...in a few weeks, it starts to clear out again. How about that resolution to 'really go to church every week'? Yea - we had a snow storm last weekend...hmmm.
Well, knowing I always fail at my resolutions, for the last few years I have tried a different approach - and after the hard and sad and stressful 2016 I had - I MUST stick to this.
I try to just be grateful for some part of each and every day.
It's only the 11th day of this New Year and yes, there have been some hard ones so far. I honestly don't expect this year to be any less stressful than the last actually but if I can keep a positive attitude and be grateful for SOMETHING good in each day, it just might lessen the hard stuff a bit. It's a worth a try at least.
Once a week, I write down something that I was grateful for during the week and put it in a jar. Just one thing. I plan on reading those little notes next New Year's Eve (my all time least favorite holiday) and I bet during the course of a busy year, I will have forgotten some of those joys. It will be good to be reminded of them. Maybe that note has something about someone you haven't seen but remembered a good memory of them. Let's face it - not every week is going to be awesome. We might need to dig a little into the memory bank to find something worth smiling about.
Promising to go to the gym or reach out to an old friend is great but do something easier and long lasting too.

Start each day with a grateful heart.



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