Red Baron...

February 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's February - my least favorite month of the year.  Not much good happens in February althooooooough, the Patriots proved their World Dominance this past that's a good thing.  Valentine's Day (aka Extortion Day) - not my favorite either.  My Dad's birthday was February - still makes me a little sad when it rolls around.  I blew the doors off my Rotator Cuff this month.  Can't say that is fun.  And as I write this, we are (hopefully) winding down from a storm that dumped 16 inches of snow in a pretty fast clip and it's a whopping 7 degrees with the wind chill.  LOVE February....not!

I've been working on some projects and came across a file of photos from last summer.  There were not too many high points then either unfortunately but I did do something WAY out of my comfort zone and I am so glad I did.  It was a spectacular day and I was so excited and yet so terrified.  Like, shaking terrified.  Back in the day, heights didn't bother me.  Being hoisted up to the top of masts was a piece of cake.  Growing up with (and working for) parents who owned a travel agency, flying was no big deal.  Born and raised on boats, I never got sea sick.  But...things change.  Not sure why or how but most of those things do in fact now bother me.  Maybe it's age.  Maybe it's psychological.  Whatever it is, it stinks.  I really liked doing those things.  So - that might be why I really pushed myself last summer.

Got my camera, got my red scarf and got my sorry ass in that biplane - that really, REALLY old biplane - like WW1 old..

It was loud, it was windy, it was small, it was not easy to take photos, did I say it was small??  It was awesome.  Just absolutely awesome.

Great reminder this cold and snowy day....summer is coming.  Do things outside of your comfort zone.  Live life.  And if you can, get your goggles and red scarf out and go for a ride.





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