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Finding Spirituality...

What is Spirituality and where does one find it? In a church or synagogue? On the yoga mat? In an event? Or is it something just in our nature to be a 'spiritual' person?

By definition, spirituality is a “process of personal transformation, either in accordance with traditional religious ideals or oriented on subjective experience and psychological growth independently of any specific religious context. In a more general sense, it may refer to almost any kind of meaningful activity or blissful experience. There is no single, widely-agreed definition for the concept.”

In Sanskrit, the word 'yoga' means 'to add', 'to join', 'to unite' or 'to connect'.

I recently had the most incredible – and spiritual - experience....a yoga class with dolphins swimming by, popping their heads up to see how we were doing.

Connecting to my mat, connecting to the peaceful nature of swimming dolphins, connecting to the universe.

My yoga practice has become my 'religion' if you will. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice encompassing several millennium old traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. The origins of Yoga originated in the 5th or 6th centuries BCE.

Dolphins are very intelligent mammals who's ancestors date back 55 million years. They are very sociable and their faces always show a smile. How can one not be happy when near them?

The yoga class was early in the morning and very small – just 3 of us – and that too added to the 'sacredness' of the experience. We did not have to share our space with 40 others at a time which, for me, does tend to make the practice a bit less 'joyful' for me. I love the tranquility and quiet of a small class and this particular class could not have been anything more peaceful.

Practicing our postures and mantras which originated thousands of years ago with relatives of ancient mammals blissfully floating by. Connecting today to yesterday. Connecting good karma with happiness. Connecting the spiritual with the personal.








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